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Traffic & Network Connection

Each system is connected with a 1 Gbit/s connection to our uplink, and comes with 10 TB traffic included per month, unless explicitly stated otherwise. For almost all applications, that should be plenty of speed and traffic to never have you worry about things. But, in case you need more, we offer plans that come with a 10 Gbit/s connection and 30 TB traffic included.

What happens if I exceed my traffic limit?#

In the unlikely event of exceeding your limit, we will ensure to notify you beforehand. You will get an email notification once you hit 80% of your traffic limit to give you enough time to decide how to proceed from there.

Once the limit is maxed out, we generally won't just cut off your connection. Instead, you will be charged an additional 10.00 € (excluding VAT) per TB. If you don't want that, please contact us once you get that notification email so we can figure things out. One option would be to limit your connection speed instead.

Why can't I send emails from my server?#

In some rare cases we may temporarily restrict the submission of emails for new customers until further verification. We need to do this in order to ensure that our networks and IP addresses are not being abused by spammers, impacting our legitimate customers. Therefore, if our system detects suspicious behaviour, it may block corresponding ports in rare cases.

If you experience such problems, please do not hesitate to contact us through the customer panel. After a short verification by our staff, we will of course activate the ports immediately.