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Payment & Invoicing

When do I have to pay for my servers?#

All ordered servers are billed monthly via the configured means of payment. You can change the payment method through the Customer Panel.

Where can I find my invoices?#

We will send you the monthly invoice by email. In addition, you can find past invoices in the Customer Panel.

How can I cancel my server subscription?#

To cancel your subscription, please log in to the Customer Panel. You will have an option to cancel you subscription. Depending on the selected minimum contract term, your subscription will then automatically be cancelled at the end of the contract term.

Please make sure to submit your cancellation at least 24 hours prior to the date of renewal to ensure that it's being processed in time.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?#

If you're unhappy with the service provided, please reach out to us so we can figure things out. In most cases, a full refund isn't a problem. In some cases however, for example when having used the service excessively for many days prior, we may need to find a different solution.

What value added tax do I have to pay?#

Our net prices are the same for all customers. The VAT to be charged is determined based on your country of origin. On our website you have the option to select your country in order to display the correct VAT amount. Our tax calculator, after you have selected your country of origin, automatically transfers the required tax to the selected products. During checkout, after you have entered your billing address, the final tax will be displayed.


For customers located in Estonia, 20% VAT will be charged.

EU countries and UK with valid VAT ID (except Estonia)

Customers in other EU countries and the UK with a valid VAT ID will receive their invoice according to the "Reverse-Charge" method. This means that the invoice will be issued without VAT.

EU countries and UK without valid VAT ID

For customers in the European Union or the United Kingdom without a valid VAT ID, the VAT rate of the respective country of origin applies.