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Using Monitoring

Every customer of OakHost gets access to our simple monitoring solution included in their hosting package. With OakHost Monitoring you can monitor your sites and services for availability. We offer HTTP/S, Port and Ping checks for freely customizable IPs, URLs and domains.

Getting started with Monitoring#

To set up your first monitor, visi the Customer Panel and select Monitoring from the menu on the left.

Customer Panel Monitoring

Configure your Alerts first. These help you to get notified as soon as a monitors state changes. My default, the email address that you used to sign up at OakHost is added to your first Alert. If you assign this Alert to a Monitor, you will get notified via email when your check fails.

Next, set up a Monitor. A Monitor is one specific check for a specific URL that will be executed in a fixed interval. For example, you could set up a Ping check for your server that will be executed every 5 minutes. In case your server can't be pinged anymore, you will get an email notifying you. As soon as the server is pingable again, another email will be sent. Each Event will also be listed on the Monitoring page in your Customer Panel.

Why does my check fail even though my system is up?#

If you check fails constantly despite your service being online, it might be that there is an error with the configuration. We can't monitor internal or private IPs or UDP connections. Also, you might want to check whether your firewall rules block the check requests.